You can find more information about SBG Precision Farming here


Our friends at Agrisem have a site here


If you wish to practice your French (or just look at the pictures) you can find Agronomic here


Our Dutch colleagues at Duport are also a little slow with getting the english up and running, but plenty to look at here


We are big fans of Guttler rollers, so pay a visit to Wox Agriservices


We bought a great Ponteland YFC calendar at the Wox's LAMMA stand - read about it - and it is in aid of a really important charity - Farm Crisis Network - which offers support to all those in agriculture who find themselves in a difficult place, for whatever reason.


If you are looking for a fair set of cambridge rollers then you can do no better than speak to our friends at NRH


And if we are looking for anything that moves or sprays liquid we would only ever go to Spraytrac Systems