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Manterra has its foundations in a farming business stretching back to the beginning of the last century.  That farming partnership has always been progressive in its approach to combinable and vegetable production, and Manterra reflects those principles.


Agriculture now faces its biggest challenge in living memory - the need to reconcile production and profit with the demand for reduced environmental impact.


The drivers of modern farm profitability are fertiliser, pesticides and logistics.  Yet these are the areas of agricultural practice which are most under threat.  Agricultural inputs must be used with much improved efficiency to meet the demands of legislation and the market.


Manterra focus exclusively on delivering high quality innovative technical solutions in these key areas:


  • Logistics:  World leading Trimble tractor and implement autosteer solutions.  High quality, yet uniquely flexible, Unia cultivation and seeding solutions.


  • Fertiliser:  Liquid fertiliser injection  by Duport spoke wheel injectors, and placement of solid fertilisers metered from Agrisem hoppers.  All under SBG RTK control, including auto section switching.  We also offer, in association with our German agronomist Christoph Bommes, Stem Based Extract plant analysis techniques giving predictions of critical nitrogen deficiency.


  • Pesticides:  High accuracy and cost effective Agronomic weeders and band sprayers under Trimble RTK control.


  • Training and research are key elements of new technologies.  We are proud to be key technology suppliers to the Stockbridge Technology Centre SATS4CROPS project.